Abdo Feghali and MotorTune proved fair and square that they have the best Hill Climb packages. Their prototype car has been dominant in the hand of Dado for a long while now and this domination has paid him dividends. The Red Bull athlete has won the 2011 Hill Climb championship after dominating 3 races. Lately he was subject to some challenging and he answered his challenges fair and square again. He managed to win yesterday by one run if we can say and left the competitors trailing by more than 5 secs.

After the race we met Abdo and talked to him briefly about the race and the late hype. Abdo had fitted himself in his shorts and Red Bull kit and gave us this entertaining treat.

You won again on a controversial road. What can you tell us about your day, the road, and competition?

I would like to start by telling you that I didn’t need the big turbo I talked about in the previous Interview. ( All we needed is a good acceleration and a lot of technique in the chicanes. In the testing we tried the turbo but we preferred not to use it at all.

On my first run I was very comfortable, and I completed it without any error on the chicanes. I chose not to do the second run. The time I set was even good enough for the win, but after the controversy regarding hitting the chicanes and passing right through them and some of the guys claimed that hitting the last chicane and pulling out on 4th gear, while originally needing 2nd gear, I told everybody that I will try it for them and check the difference. I was on my to score a time of around 1:39 something, but hitting the last chicane proved not to be a good idea, and as you saw the car was badly damaged. The mistake was that ATCL should have disallowed hitting the chicane in the first place. Capturing fractions of the second from here and there will combine for better timing so it should have been disallowed.


ATCL have great experience and I hope that after today’s race we have all learned together and they won’t repeat this experience. They should ask for the opinions of old drivers with great experience for the help in such events. People like JP Nasrallah and Billy Karam can help them a lot. They are not drivers, and they can ask for our help too. Why not!!! We can seriously help them create better events. They are doing huge efforts and we appreciate it but we can give a hand too.

What is the secret behind your aggression in the media, towards the people who are challenging you or criticizing you lately?

This is my way or the highway. I always talk straight. People who know me from before know that I always do. I don’t hide behind anything and I don’t play games. People who don’t like me, never mind, I don’t need them to like me. It’s not aggression but we are proving ourselves. Many garages are saying that the car of this driver or that is faster than Dado’s car but it’s not true. We proved this though the speed trap on Friday and through our times today. In the first hill climb, our closest competitor was 3 seconds a drift away, in the second hill climb, he was 4 seconds away and in the third hill climb he was 5 seconds away.

It’s the complete package, it’s not just the driver or the car or tires or whatever. It’s the complete package and they need a lot to match what we reached.

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