Today saw the first day of testing in Arsoun after ATCL declared that the Hill Climb will take place there, for the first time since 2009. The testing got delayed for around an hour and started at 10 AM. Many drivers where present at the test today most notably; Jawad Slim, Joe Beaini, Tarek Melhem, Ahmad Khalid, Majed AL Mohtar, Michel Feghali, Garo, Richard Ibrahim, Sonny, Paul Kossiefi, Bechara Beschir and many others  in addition to the presence of Rayes Competition team with 2 drivers: Fady Hamad and Dany Mazloum. The team with the biggest numbers of drivers who tested today was TGRS, where we saw, Rony Kanaan, Eddy Bou Karam, Robert Aaraj and Michel Abou Jawde a former FWD driver and Falougha Hill Climb champion, who switched to an EVO 9 group N and will be watched closely to see if he has the potential to improve.

The day went smoothly in general although the morning saw some mechanical problems in Fady Hamad’s car where his team were very fast in repairing it, and he continued his program accordingly. The weather was normal nad track started to get more grip towards 1 PM. Garo’s BMW is now painted all with orange after participating last year with white color on his car. Robert Aaraj’s car contained an attractive new branding after changing sponsors this season.

We will be expecting to see Abdo Feghali Ziad Feghali, Gilbert Bannout and Joseph Hindy in addition to many other drivers.

Videos, Photos and more to come…