After massive gatherings these past few years, BMW Club Lebanon, through its Facebook page, announced its 12th annual gathering that will take place on the 22nd of October, 2017.

The gathering will commence at 8 A.M., where all members from different areas in Lebanon will meet up in ABC Dbayeh where it will be open for all BMW from every category.

At 9 A.M., the ride with more than thousands of cars will start to making its way to Kfardebain. Upon arrival, the cars will be parked in designated places according to its category.

The event will begin with the Lebanon National Anthem, followed by a word from the club’s president, Mayor of Kfardebian. After that, they will present a much needed awareness lecture on traffic safety and speeds hazards in unallocated locations.

Live entertainment will be brought to you by Lebanese drift champions in a closed track providing public safety, and many more surprises.

BMW Club Lebanon is the largest auto clubs in Lebanon and the Middle East with more than 83,000 member between those who own the German brand and those who love it.

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