July 17, 2012 – Hard work pays off, Chafic Boulos talks about his first win…

Congratulations Chafic, this is your first career category win, your thoughts?
Yes indeed, this is my first category win ever, it was brilliant of course. Big thanks to Motortune, Roger and everyone. The runs were very nice and as I’ve already mentioned, Hill Climbs are just preparations for the Rally for me. We’ll win if we are able to win and that’s what we proved here today.

Special thanks to ATCL for the organization and the technical checks which were great because all cars are now equal, we can enjoy the race without anyone having an unfair advantage over the others. I was very happy with these checks; hopefully they go through with them in each event because it will help us drivers push even more, instead of letting the car push us.

Who was your main competitor?
My main competitor was Eddy Bou Karam, and of course Joe and Gilbert, it was a nice battle. I managed to improve my time, Eddy did too. The atmosphere was very nice; I hope it stays like that throughout this season and the next one, and let the driving skills, not the cars, do the talking.

How about Cedars Rally?
Today was a preparation for the Cedars Rally, we’re pushing the car more, and we’re getting to know it more.  It will be different to Summer and Spring Rallies.

Preparations will kick off after the Cedars Rally. I have high hopes; I’m familiar with the car so the Cedars Rally will be hopefully good and as you saw last year, we were quick there.

In the end, I would like to thank you guys at Biser3a.com for the coverage, Motortune and ATCL.