After a season of agony last year, 2012 smiles for Garo…

First of all, Congratulations Garo on your win, talk us through it…
The race was very nice, the car was great. I was very comfortable with my runs, even during practice.
I would like to thank MMW Garage for preparing my car, Roger Feghali and Jihad Mrad especially.

How much of an impact does Jihad  Mrad on your car?
I managed a 1:56.10 last year in Deir El Qamar, as for today, I clocked a 1:44.14. The car’s setup changed a lot, but thank God I feel very comfortable in it.
Big thanks to Republic and everyone who has helped me, we won the championship.

Garo, unlike Hill Climbs, we’re seeing you struggle during Speed Tests, what is the problem?
The problem with the Speed Test was a technical one. I used a DCT gearbox, which is somehow similar to an automatic, which did not help me at all during the last Speed Test in Jounieh. We’re switching back to a conventional manual gearbox for the third Speed Test; hopefully it’ll help us jump back.

Would you like to say anything to Michel Feghali your main rival?
First of all, Michel thank God you’re okay. Racing is not the same without you.
I had almost the same accident last year which disallowed me from participating in the 3rd Hill Climb.
Michel’s accident doesn’t mean that he’s not fast because he’s always making things harder on me.

Will you take part in the Cedars Rally and Rally of Lebanon?
Definitely, definitely. I will take part in both Rallies onboard the Evolution IX and I can hopefully secure some good results.