December 19, 2016 – The Automobile & Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL) has hosted its annual prize-giving ceremony at its headquarters in Kaslik last Friday, during which it handed drivers from all Lebanese championships their trophies.

The different championship standings were as follows:

Karting (X30)

1. Rashed Ghanem
2. Marvin Dinar
3. Karl Etyemezian

1. Hrayr Khatchadourian
2. Jeremy Atallah
3. Christopher Klink

1. Karl Massaad
2. Youssef Jammal
3. Chant Etyemezian

Karting (Rotax Max)

Micro Max:
1- Edwin Khneisser
2- Elio Yammine
3- Andi Zacca

Mini Max:
1- Sami-Joe Abi Nakhle
2- Jay Naameh
3- Khalil Khalil

Junior Max:
1- Carl Rizk
2- Rashed Ghanem
3- Kevin Kanaan

Senior Max:
1- Matthias Njeim
2- Christophe Rizk
3- Christopher Njeim

1- Patrick Njeim
2- Sari Abou Rahal
3- Alex Feghali

Lebanese Drift Championship

1- Mario Klayaany
2- Souheib Al Ayoubi
3- Maher Abdel Samad

1- Fadi Boustany
2- Kifah Hilal
3- Fouad Mexacy

Lebanese Speed Test Championship

1- Paul Kossaifi
2- Garo Haroutiounian
3- Carlos Chamoun

Pro (RWD): Georges Fares

Super Series:
1- Xavier Massaad
2- Pierre Rizk
3- Nemer Aslan

Super Series (FWD): Daniel Terzian

Super Series (RWD): Mostafa Fakhri

1- Charbel Makhlouf
2- Charbel Ghanem
3- Mazen El Haber

Renault Sport Cup: Daniel Terzian

Ladies Cup: Emilie Feghali

Lebanese 4×4 Championship

1- Kamil Tannoury
2- George Ziadeh
3- Tarek Akoury

UTV: 1- Pierre Rizk, 2- Georges Hakim

Lebanese Hill Climb Championship

1- Roger Feghali
2- Jawad Slim
3- Michel Slaiby

1- Patrick Njeim
2- Bassel Abou Hamdan
3- Rony Kanaan

1- Garo Haroutiounian
2- Paul Kossaifi
3- Michel Zgheib

Group N:
1- Rodolphe Asmar
2- Eddy Abou Karam
3- Rodrigue Rahi

Junior Cup: Rodolphe Asmar

Lebanese Rally Championship

1- Tamer Ghandour
2- Eddy Abou Karam
3- Rodolphe Asmar

RC2/Group N: Eddy Abou Karam

RC3: Bassel Abou Hamdan

RC4: Patrick Njeim

RC5: Matthias Njeim

1. Joseph Kmeid
2. Salim Jleilaty
3. Marc Haddad

Junior Cup: Rodolphe Asmar

Junior co-driver: Dolyne Chlink

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