When Rayes competition decided to enter both the Speed Test competition as well as the hill climb competition people were passive about their potential due to their small experience in direct competitions. But with the guidance of multiple rally champion Roger Feghali and the driving skills of Mathieu Reboisson, the team pushed hard and was rewarded with very impressive results this season in the Hill Climbs. Some might argue that their performance in speed tests is still humble but Hill Climbs are much more important in everybody’s opinion. The team showed great professionalism in handling races and worked hard to achieve good results in the 3 Hill Climbs this season.

Mathieu Reboisson who is a chosen driver by the team was upbeat about next year nad claimed that they are in for big improvements. After the race we met Mathieu and had this quick chat.

Again you finished 3rd, what’s with the 3rd position?

I had a small problem. I went on the second run aiming for second place, but I couldn’t. I was having problem installing 4th gear on the straights so Ziad got the upper hand by 0.4 seconds. I was hoping to beat him in this race because I’m bored of finishing third.

On your last run you hit a barrier. Did give you an advantage or not?

Honestly it was the same for me. I was turning so it was really very similar to my first and last runs, so there is not difference in that at all.

How did you find the track in general?

Well I didn’t like it; it’s a chicane race, that’s all.


So it’s not a Hill Climb?

No when you have 7 chicanes we can call it a Speed Test.

Are there any plans for ROL?

Well it’s not possible I guess, but looking into next year we are planning to be much better and we will not settle for 3rd at all.

Your teammate made it to 5th place and 4th in Proto, what do you think about that?

It’s a great result for him and the team. He drove very well, but this road is not a reference for anything. He beat a lot of much more experienced drivers and this is very big point for him.

At the end Mathieu thanks his team Rayes Competition as well as Rayes Racing parts and Rayes Spare Parts for their total support this season.

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