He dominated literally all the Hull Climbs this year and went on to prove his upper hands in the BMW category. With the support of Roger Feghali and MotorTune, Michel Feghali has become the man to beat in RWD in Lebanon. We met  Michel after the race and had this quick chat.

You have dominated the Hill Climb Championship from the first race to the last race. Tell us more about it.

Thank God the car is amazing. The car is prepared by Nabil Feghali and some big help from Roger Feghali. I am very relaxed in my car and I’m pushing to the limit. Everything is just great.

Why aren’t your competitors able to beat although they are preparing very good cars too?

I don’t know if I driver better or my heart is stronger. Let me say that they’re better than me but I have a stronger heart as well as a car that can perform very well.

Do you like such roads or do prefer hill climbs in place like Falougha and Deir El Qamar?

Off course I prefer hill climbs in place like Falougha and Deir El Qamar. This is not a road for Hill Climbs, its place where people learn how to drive, especially with Chicanes.

Are we going to see you in Rallies sometime in the future?

Well rallies need big budgets and it’s not available right now, but if we find the right sponsoring we will participate why not.

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