Peugeot shocked the motorsports world yesterday with their decision to quit sports car racing and most notably the Le Mans series and Le Mans racing.

Peugeot won their last famous Le Mans race back in 2009 after continuing to challenge Audi who is still to our dominating this huge event. Although Peugeot dominated and won last year’s inaugural Le Mans World Series, the French manufacturer opted to leave the sport.

The decision came after a huge loss and decrease, in Peugeot group’s overall world sales, and will be a major blow to formative WEC – which had been expected to see a season-long battle between Audi and Peugeot.

Citoen on the other hand which is a sister brand and within the same group have declared yesterday that it is committed to its WRC program and will a major player in the coming years. Citroen is leading the WRC Monte Carlo Rally 2012 after the first day.

On the other hand Toyota is looking like it has recovered from its big downfall amid the tsunami and some problems in sales and will be developing a new competitor for the 2012 Le Mans.

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