The official opening of “ProDrifterz Academy” took place last night at the academy in Amchit. The first Lebanese Drifting Academy in Lebanon, licensed with all the safety precautions and measurements.

For a very affordable price, you can find something for everyone! Three main drift car specs ranging from 300hp up to 600hp.

The academy gives awesome opportunities for any one, whether you’d like to drift for fun as a hobby or would like to do it on a professional level.

From beginners drifting sessions to upper level of competing onboard a real full specs drifting car, passing through five different levels.

It is worth mentioning that upon completing basic drifting sessions and reaching an advanced skills level, the drifting run could become as cheap as karting and drivers would be able to drift more aggressive and higher performance cars.

Moreover, ProDrifterz Academy isn’t a place for drifters only but for car lovers too. Anyone is welcome to just come watch some tires being shredded, take a drift taxi ride with one of the professional instructors and enjoy shisha and beverages.

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