Robert Aaraj won his first ever hill climb championship last Sunday in Deir El Qamar. The Championhsip victory came after 3 wins in a row in the last three HCs. After the race we briefly discussed his win…

Robert, can you give us a summary of today’s Hill Climb? Who were your competitors and what do you think about the result?

Well, I scored another win in the front-wheel drive category.

My main competitors were Bassel Bou Hamdan and Richard Ibrahim. I was 2 seconds clear of them on my 1st run but I couldn’t improve any further due to my sickness, it was close in the end, I could’ve lost.

The championship was already decided before we came here but I wanted to win 3 out 3 Hill Climbs and that’s exactly what happened.

I still wasn’t at my peak performance but I gave my maximum despite my medical condition.
In the end, I would like to thank to Kidzmania, Foresight, Tony Germany and you guys at