Team Schubert and Abdulaziz Turki Alfaisal left Round 6 of the 2013 VLN Endurance Championship with pride as they scored a superb second-place overall and in the SP9 class; the team and drivers converted 6th place on the grid into a podium spot on race day after putting on a great performance. Check out some cool pictures from the event right below.

VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (2)
Spectators gather at the pits complex to get a good view of the start of the race.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (3)
It’s green! #2 H&R BMW leads the way into turn 1.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (4)
A flock of different Audi TTs; the one up front is Raeder Motorsport’s TT RS 2.0.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (5)
Toyota GT86 taking the inside of a Mazda MX-5 into turn 1.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (6)
Porsche 911s are an everlasting presence in endurance races.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (7)
Tyres: an integral part of racing.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (8)
Opel Astra OPC fending off Bonk Motorsport’s BMW 320si.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (9)
This is Scuderia Colonia’s #333 Audi TTS.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (10)
The sole Volkswagen Corrado taking part in the event.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (11)
On-track incident forces yellow flags to be waved.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (12)
The race cars bunch up behind the safety car, a Ford Focus.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (13)
Adrenalin Motorsport’s BMW Z4 being pushed above its limits.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (14)
And it’s green again! Barely visible is a Mercedes-Benz 190E followed by a BMW 3 Series.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (16)
Opel Astra OPC making way for the much faster BMW Z4 GT3 and Audi R8 GT3.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (17)
Another shot of the #2 H&R BMW Z4 GT3.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (18)
#67 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup which retired from the race.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (19)
Aston Martin customer teams were also present; several V8 Vantages were seen on track.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (20)
#777 Ford GT, the only one in the event.VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (21)
Abdulaziz Turki Alfaisal in full focus prior to his stint in Team Schubert’s BMW Z4 GT3.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (22)
The #30 Porsche 911 GT3 R takes the overall win ahead of Team Schubert’s BMW Z4 GT3. Abdulaziz Alfaisal and his team-mates denied Porsche a possible 1-2.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (23)
Drives celebrate their podium success after a long race.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (1)
Happy faces at the end of the race.
VLN-Round-6-2013-photos- (24)
Spectators leave the track with souvenirs.