After his glorious win in CPD last month Saeed Al Mouri talks to about the amazing experience.

How does it feel to win the Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals in Lebanon?

First I would like to thanks God for the win, and my sponsors and all my fans
for sure it’s great to win in Lebanon in front of all those fans, and in such a great event like
Red Bull Car Park Drift.

Did you expect the result?

I came planning to do all what it needs to win, knowing that one mistake would make me lose
that’s why i took it easy and drove 100%.

How did you find the competition and especially with Garo and Feras?

They were good and I knew that Garo will do his best to recover from what’s happened last year
and I think he deserves to be 2nd.

What can you tell us about your car and what is the difference between it and the cars of your competitors? Is it more difficult to drive?

My car is a normal Lumina SS, with some modification , and with no doubt its harder than any car in the event , its bigger and with more weight  too.

We saw that your first 2 runs were not as perfect as the last, was it a strategy you followed or was it just becoming better with time?

No but i was trying to not make any mistake, and take it to the last round.

What can you tell us about your sponsors especially that we can notice their huge support for you?

Yes, big thanks to my great sponsor Hankook tires and my brother Adeel Naeem for the big support.

What do you thing about the Red Bull Car Park Drift championship and is it as important as other Middle East Championships?

Yes, it is as important, and it’s the most well organized events in the region and the most important too but only one thing gave an advantage to the Lebanese drivers and it was the fans points, without it we might have had other drivers in the final round that drove very well, like Rami from Egypt and Salman from Bahrain.

What are your future plans?

My plan and my dream, is to win the Middle East Rally championship and i hope that one day i can make it.

What would you like to tell your fans that supported you the whole way?

All the thanks are to them, and they are the reason (after God) why I’m pushing  and doing what I’m doing in my life, i  hope that they will be always with  me to support me and direct me to the right way .

Any final message?
I would like to thank you Brother Khaled and for this interview and hope that we are going to see more champions on your website from all around the Arab world  in the coming years , and hope that this website can keep progressing forever .