Last year saw the Red Bull CPD achieving incomparable success with its Middle East tour and especially with its events in Lebanon. The CPD honor has become one of the things to look at in 2012. All drivers are prepared well for the championship and the media takes great pleasure in covering. It just simple has the success recipe. The most important ingredient of the Recipe will be without doubt, Red Bull athlete and Lebanese champion Abdo Feghali. Abdo has been electrifying the crowd with his amazing drift shows and has been teaching the youngsters how things are really done. Dado has been also promoting safe driving and professional motorsports in addition to giving the young talents a place to shine. The events though has not short of controversy especially when people get blinded by their support to the ones they love and question the results handed out by the jury after every event although the results have been fair to the biggest extent possible in every event.

This year the CPD with be starting from Kuwait and it kicks off on Friday 10th of February, with heady rounds of drifting competitions, leading up to the crowing of the “King of Drift” and the representative of Kuwait in the Beirut finals. The competition which is taking place at Parking Lot 4 of the Kuwait International Fair is sponsored by Chevrolet and in collaboration with the “Quarter Mile” club in Kuwait.

Dado is already in Kuwait and was present int he photoshoot of the event. We wish Dado and all the competitors the best of luck.

For more details, check CPD’s official website.