A 6-hour endurance race is going to take place at Pit Stop Karting. It is a first for the Lebanese karting scene.

10 teams will compete in the epic 350+ km race. The organizers, UDrive Academy, are making sure that the competition is as fair as possible by leveling the playing field. Each team should have 4 drivers at least and 6 drivers at most. Only 1 ATCL Licence K holder is allowed per team. They will be racing 15HP karts. Registration is now open and the fee per team is $1000.

The prizes include $1000 cash, Rotax Max rewards, and homologated karting gloves and balaclavas. Registration closes on Wednesday, October 3, 2018. You can register here.

Participation in the event does not mean racing only. Drivers will get 1 hour of practice before undergoing a 30-minute qualifying session.

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