5:21 – Nasser: “Thank god we were able to win, by dominating all the stages on Saturday and Sunday. It’s our 8th consecutive win this year. What made the difference this year was simply a better preparation. The competition was fair and we were all pushing to the max.”

Rodrigue: “The competition with Patrick was very good. I was lacking power in the first local rounds, but now I can say I got the optimal performance with this car. We insisted on winning the co-drivers championship as we weren’t able to do so in the drivers championship.”

Patrick: “We had a strategy since the beginning. We wanted to be safe, and focus on the Championship. We sill have a big margin to improve our pace. Thankfully we did! Thanks for Castrol Lebanon Motortune Racing Academy and Roger Feghali.”

Henry Massaad: “The competition was limited. We were able to set some good stage times. I would like to thank my co-driver Roger Ghosn, and Tony Germany Rally Skills…”

Henry Kahy: “The most important step for me was making it to the finish line and collect some precious points for the MERC Championship.”

Alex Feghali: “Our main goal from this rally was gaining experience. Along with the Academy we have many plans for next year.”

5:08 – The drivers press conference is about to quick off at ATCL, Jounieh.

2:17 – As more drivers cross the finish line Click here for the final unofficial results of the rally!

2:14 – Rodrigue Rahi reaches the finish line, that’s the 2nd place overall for him and a Group N win! Patrick Njeim is also through, completing the top 3 and becoming the youngest ever Lebanese Rally champion!

2:10– Nasser finishes the last stage of the rally in Zabbougha to win the 42nd Rally of Lebanon and secure his first ever victory at the event!

2:01 – The 11th and final stage in Zabbougha is currently underway. 

1:11 –  The leaders in every category: Nasser Al Attiyah (Overall), Rodrigue Rahi (Group N), Henry Massaad (RC3), Henry Kahy (RC4), Christopher Njeim (RC5).

1:07 – Results from SS10, Zandouka coming up!

1:02 – Just one more stage to go: a second run through the 20-kilometer Zabbougha stage.

1:00 – No issues reported in this stage as more drivers are crossing the finish line; everything seems to be going smoothly for everyone. We don’t think anyone’s pushing at this stage of the rally.

12:55 – Nasser completes the stage in 10 minutes and 1 second, so that’s 7 seconds faster than his own time in the first loop.

Tareq Younis going through SS10, Zandouka

12:36 – The penultimate stage in Zandouka is currently underway with rally leaders Nasser Al Attiyah and Mathieu Baumel the first car out.

12:02 – Everyone will probably take it easy in the last two stages and ensure they can get to the finish line. Nasser Al Attiyah leads by 6 minutes and 15 seconds. Rodrigue Rahi and Patrick Njeim are 2nd and 3rd overall and 1st and 2nd in Group N. Henry Massaad dominates the FWD and is 4th overall. Toni Abi Gebrael rounds out the top 5.

10:15 – Drivers are arriving at the service zone in Fouad Chehab.

9:59 – There seems to be a serious mechanical failure with Jad Awar as all cars are passing him through the stage.

9:57 – Drivers will now be heading to Fouad Chehab for the mid day service before going back to tackle the final two stages of the rally.
More results from SS9, Zabbougha!

9:55 -Tony Abi Gebrael, Tarek Younis and Henry Massaad successfully finish the stage too.

9:48 – Rodrigue Rahi and Patrick Njeim successfully cross the finish line in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

9:42 – Al Attiyah finishes SS9 in Zabbougha. Nasser: “We’re not taking any risks. Zandouka was very slippery and Zabbougha is quite a hard stage this year.”

9:21 – 5 more minutes before the start of SS9 in Zabbougha. Al Attiyah leads by a margin of nearly 6 minutes after SS8.
Click here for full results from SS8, Zandouka!

9:13 – Here’s footage of rally leaders Nasser Al Attiyah and Mathieu Baumel from Zandouka (SS8). You’ll find more videos by checking our stories on Instagram (@Biser3a).

Credits: Oliver Mardian

8:56 – Today’s second special in Zabbougha will start in just a few minutes. It’s the longer of the two stages with 20 kilometer distance, compared to 17 km in Zandouka.

8:44Click here for for more results from SS8, Zandouka!

8:41 – Raafat Al Mohtar sets the 4th fastest time of the stage! Massaad goes quickest in the FWD.

8:33 – Al Attiyah clocks in 10:08.1, 18 sec faster than Rahi. Patrick Njeim is 1.2sec right behind Rahi.

07:44 – Roger Feghali will not return for today’s competition after retiring yesterday due to an accident in SS5, Ain Ayya. Raafat Al Mohtar, Jad Awar and Alex Feghali will be back in action today under Rally2 regulations.

07:42 – Nasser Al Attiyah goes into the second day with a comfortable 5 minutes 39-second lead. Will he push or will he play it safe today? We’ll find out in few minutes.

07:40 – Today’s first special is in Zandouka. Rally leader Nasser Al Attiyah will be the first to tackle it at 8:08, which is less than half an hour from now.

7:35 – Good morning everyone, it’s the final day of the 42nd Rally of Lebanon. There will be 4 special stages today held in Zandouka and Zabbougha. Their total is 75 kilometer, which is 55 km less than yesterday.

Sunday, September 1, 2019 – Leg 2

4:30 – Drivers are arriving to the service zone in Fouad Chehab.

Click here for Overall Results After SS7!

4:03 – Most of the driver successfully completed the last stage of the day in Sourat. Al Attiyah leads the 2019 ROL after leg 1 with over a comfortable margin of over 5 minutes ahead of Rodrigue Rahi and Patrick Njeim in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

3:56 – Alex Feghali seems to have a mechanical problem but is still running in SS7, Sourat.

3:50 – Saeed Al Mouri seems to have an accident in the stage; Both drivers are okay.

3:26 – Henry Massaad bounced back in SS6, Ain Ayya to snatch the FWD category lead from Hayeck and is now standing 4th overall. The young Feghali is 3rd in the category with a consistent drive.

3:23 – Our last special stage for the day has just started in Sourat.

2:43 – Patrick Njeim wins 6.2 seconds over Rahi in SS6, Ain Ayya while Al Attiyah grabs another stage win and extends his lead!
More results are coming from SS6!

2:28 – Nasser Al Attiyah, our current 2019 Rally of Lebanon leader live from SS6 in Ain Ayya!

2:18 – Alex is the RC4 category leader while his academy team mate Christopher Njeim is enjoying a smooth performance to maintain the RC5 lead. Tony Abi Gebrael is on a good pace to secure the promotion cup.

2:16 – Albert Hayeck is in the FWD Category lead, followed by Henry Massad and Alex Feghali respectively in 2nd & 3rd.

1:35 – With Feghali out of the rally, Rodrigue Rahi, group n leader jumps to 2nd overall followed by Patrick Njeim in 3rd.

Stay tuned as more results are coming from SS5 Hboub!

1:24 – Roger Feghali seems to have an accident in SS5, Hboub. Both crew are OK. Here’s an amateur footage of Al Attiyah going through the stage.

1:10 – Jad Awar retired from the rally due to a mechanical problem. He will re-start tomorrow hopefully under Rally2 regulations.

12:46 – Meanwhile here’s an interview with current rally leader Al Attiyah.

12:43 – Drivers just left the service zone and are now heading for the afternoon loop starting SS5 – Hboub at 1:06.

11:02 – The stage in Sourat resumed and is done. Drivers are currently heading to the serivce area in Fouad Chehab for the midday service.

Youngest Driver of the rally: Alex Feghali currently running 3rd in FWD and 1st in RC4

10:53Click Here for Overall standings after SS4, Sourat!

10:39 – Rodrigue Rahi clocks 3rd fastest time in the stage and 1st in group N ahead +21.8 seconds ahead of Njeim.

10:34 – The stage seems to have stopped following Rawahi’s accident.

10:32 – Sadly, Abdullah Al Rawahi seems to have an accident in SS4, Sourat and is out of the rally.

10:29 – Roger clocks in 13 minutes and 26 seconds! This gives Al Attiyah the 2019 rally of Lebanon lead after the morning loop! Drivers will be heading to the service zone after the stage before going back for the afternoon loop.

10:27 – Nasser Al Attiyah finishes the stage in 13 minutes and 25 seconds. Will Roger be quicker?

10:00 – Unfortunately, we have 3 more cars out of the rally today: Raafat Al Mohtar, Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah and Nadim Halabi who retires from 3rd overall and the group N lead!

9:57 – SS4 in Sourat coming up next at 10:11 before the drivers come back for the midday service! Will Nasser or Roger win the stage? Will Njeim strike back to the Group N lead?

9:44 – The Group N battle gets tighter: Patrick Njeim clocks the 3rd fastest time behind Feghali and is now just 6.4 seconds behind Rahi after the stage.
stay tuned as more results are coming from SS3 Ain Ayya!

9:41 – Unfortunately, Raafat Al Mohtar is out of the rally due to a mechanical problem.

Al Attiyah live in SS3, Ain Ayya

9:30 – Nasser grabs another stage win in SS3, Ain Ayya by tenth of seconds faster than Feghali!

9:26 – Same goes for the RC3 category, where Henry Massaad is currently leading by nearly 10 seconds ahead of Albert Hayeck while Youngest driver of the rally Alex Feghali is in 3rd.

9:25 – A big battle is going on in the group N category between Nadim Halabi, Rodrigue Rahi and Patrick Njeim! Halabi is currently in the lead and 3rd overall!

9:20 – Drivers are currently running through SS3 Ain Ayya. Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah seems to be out of the rally. Meanwhile, stay tuned as more results are coming from SS2 Hboub!

8:40 – Nadim Halabi finishes the stage in 3rd place overall, and 1st in Group N ahead of Rahi & Patrick Njeim in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Click here for more results!

08:27 – The three-time Dakar Rally winner, Al Attiyah completes the stage in 13 minutes 03 seconds. While Roger Feghali finishes the stage 1 second behind!

08:14 – It’s going to be an interesting fight for the lead between Roger and Nasser. Who do you think will win SS2 in Hboub?

Roger Feghali going through SS2 in Hboub now!

08:09 – As a reminder: Roger Feghali leads the rally after winning the super special stage yesterday at ATCL Jounieh, but he’s 2 seconds and a half ahead of Nasser Al Attiyah.

07:52 – Today, competitors will race on three special stages, twice. The first one is in Hboub, followed by Ain Ayya and Sourat. You can click here for the itinerary.

07:50 – Good morning! We’re live from the service area in Fouad Chehab this morning. Crews went through a 15-minute service before heading to the first special in Hboub starting at 7:57.

Saturday, August 31, 2019 – Leg 1

10:09 – Roger Feghali is the 2019 Rally of Lebanon overnight leader! Nasser Al Attiyah is in 2nd, 2.5 seconds behind with Nadim Halabi in 3rd.

10:05 – Roger Feghali takes the 2019 Rally of Lebanon lead by 5 seconds! Al Attiyah coming up on track onboard his Polo R5. Will he break Feghali’s time?

10:01 -Patrick Njeim successfully completes the stage. Biggest battle of the day coming. Roger Feghali VS Nasser Al Attiyah! Who will take the stage win? Feghali is on track!

9:56 – Nadim Halabi is in the current rally lead. Rodrigue Rahi is just behind in 2nd and Mshari Al Thafiri in 3rd. Patrick Njeim is on track!

9:50 – Nadim Halabi remaining our provisinial rally leader. 5 more drivers to come! Who will break the time? Mshari Al Thafiri, Rodrigue Rahi, Patrick Njeim, Roger Feghali or Nasser Al Attiyah?

9:47 – First R5 of the rally is up on track now with Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah behind its wheel. He successfully completes the stage.

9:39 – Nadim Halabi goes flat out and takes the rally lead from Saaed Al Mouri clocking 1:57.0. Jad Awar is currently on track.

9:34 – Nassib Nassar and Tarek Younis finish the Super Special Stage. Younis snatches the provisional 2nd place overall.

9:25 – Ahmad Khaled and Tony Abi Gebrael successfully completed their runs. Nassib Nassar is currently on track!
More times coming up, Click Here!

9:19 – Albert Hayeck finishes a very fast and clean run clocking the current fastest time in FWD/RC3 and 2nd overall with 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

9:12 – An unfortunate spin holds back Al Rawahi from Oman, but he was able to resume his lap.

9:09 – Saudi Driver Saeed Al Mouri finishes the Super Special Stage and sets the fastest time of the stage again and takes the provisional lead with 2 minutes and 1 second. Who will break Al Mouri’s time?

9:04 – Raafat Al Mohtar breaks Fakih’s time and takes the lead himself by nearly 2 seconds.

9:01 –   Henry Kahi and Chadi Fakih successfully complete the stage with smooth runs. Fakih takes the provisional rally lead setting the current fastest time of 2:06.91.

8:56 – MERC RC4 category leader, Henry Kahi is currently on track.

8:54 – David Mezher successfully completes the stage clocking 2 minutes and 9 sec. Youngest driver of the rally, Alex Feghali pushes his Peugeot to the max, but a slippery start prevents him from setting a better time.

8:43 – Christopher Njeim seems to have a problem and is unfortunately unable to complete his lap.

8:40 – Joe Azzi just crosses the finish line of the SSS clocking 2 minutes and 8 seconds.Click here for live results.

8:36– Dupont completed his run; his time should appear soon. Joe Azzi in the Renault Clio RS is on track.

8:33 – The first competitor is now finally out on track: Dupont in the Peugeot 206. Let’s see what he can do.

8:20 – 10 more minutes till the action officially begins with the Super Special Stage in ATCL, Jounieh.

7:48 – Cars are currently getting ready for the rally’s official start at 8:31 following Yokohama Drivers’ drift show!

7:15 – Paul Kossaifi is currently putting on a show for the spectators in the BMW E46 that powered him to the Lebanese Hill Climb Championship in 2015. He is joined by Lebanese drifter Rony Deraoui in the Nissan 350Z.

6:50 – 3 drivers have officially withdrawn from the rally: #10 Rony Kanaan, #16 Bassel Abu Hamdan, #27 Emile Khoueiry.

6:45 – An array of activities are scheduled before the Super Special Stage kicks off; several show runs followed by a drift show between 7:00 and 8:30.

6:30 – The 2019 Rally of Lebanon is about to kick off with the ceremonial start set to take place in around 1 hour and a half at ATCL Jounieh.

Click here for more photos form today’s Scrutineering & Press Conference

12:52 – The 42nd Rally of Lebanon drivers’ press conference has come to a conclusion. We’ll keep you updated later today during the ceremonial start that is happening at ATCL headquarters in Kaslik starting 8:30 PM followed by the Super Special Stage.  

Click Here for full drivers’ Interviews on our Instagram stories!

12:44 – Roger: “I think Nasser is the one of the fastest drivers to participate in the Rally of Lebanon and his presence in this rally is very essential and a big push for us.”

12:33 – Patrick: “We will try to manage a clean and fast pace in order to defend the Lebanese Rally championship lead and hopefully be able to grab the title this year. I am still living my dream…”

12:30 – Rodrigue: “We will put all our efforts and push to the maximum to re-take the Lebanese Rally championship lead.”

12:22 – The drivers’ press conference is currently underway, with 14-time Lebanese rally champion Roger Feghali the first to speak.

12:04 – The following drivers will be part of the press conference:  Qatar’s Nasser Saleh Al Attiyah and Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah. In addition to Lebanese drivers: Roger Feghali, Rodrigue Rahi, Patrick Njeim, and Henry Kahi.

11:30 – The drivers press conference is taking place at ATCL, Jounieh in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, here’s some amateur shots from the cars scrutineering ealier today.

Nasser Al Attiyah with TGRS Team Manager, Tony Germany
RS Team’s cars

10:05 – As we look forward for a thrilling battle between Lebanese legend Roger Feghali and MERC champion Nasser Al Attiyah here’s a video from both drivers’ tests in Sereel.

Video Credits: Joseph Kmeid

9:48 – Good morning everyone and welcome to our first day of live coverage from the 42nd Rally of Lebanon. Today is the rally ceremonial start from ATCL followed by a Super Special Stage there starting at 20:31. Meanwhile, a drivers press conference is to be held earlier today at ATCL.
Click here for the drivers entry list and stage times.

Friday, August 30, 2019 – Leg 1

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