August 14, 2015 – FIA vice president Nasser Khalifa Al-Attiyah announced that he’s in full support of the fourth round of the Middle East Rally Championship, the 38th Rally of Lebanon, praising the high standards of preparations and the prominent role played by ATCL.

Al-Attiyah said Rally of Lebanon has a great historical background, and that he is fully confident that ATCL will soon mark a new success for Lebanese motorsport in particular and Arab motorsport in general, as the club has enough experience to host a successful motorsport event.

“What is special about the Rally of Lebanon is the professionalism showed by Lebanese personnel, which makes us quite optimistic, confident and grateful to them as well.

Nasser Khalifa Al-Attiyah

“The large number of Arab and international participants is a special characteristic of Rally of Lebanon, and it contributes to its success and many other motorsport events organized by ATCL as well.” He added.

Al-Attiyah commented on the new culture that is being adopted some clubs and federations in the Middle East, saying: “The motorsport culture that we’re seeking is not limited to just one team or competitor; there are organizers and hard-working individuals who are doing their best to have a successful event. We should realize that building the right structure for this culture is the key for progress comes true throughout the recognition of all the importance of having a solid base for this culture. This will never come true unless we have a good teamwork, coordination, and direct communication. I assure you that we will be very supportive of this approach.”

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