Bryan Bouffier got his Intercontinental Rally Challenge title campaign off to the best possible start by winning the centenary edition of Rallye Monte-Carlo. He managed to capitalize on errors in tyre choice for direct opponents Juho Hänninen and Jan Kopecký.

Former world champion Petter Solberg finished 7th driving a Peagot 207 S2000 similar to the one that won the race with Bouffier.

Juho Hänninen has won the first Colin McRae IRC Flat Out Trophy of 2011, a little settlement for last year’s IRC Champ.

Final positions:

1 Bryan Bouffier (Peugeot 207 S2000) 3h32m55.6s

2 Freddy Loix (Škoda Fabia S2000) +32.5s

3 Stéphane Sarrazin (Peugeot 207 S2000) +51.9s

4 Guy Wilks (Peugeot 207 S2000) +1m19.7s

5 François Delecour (Peugeot 207 S2000) +1m22.4s

6 Juho Hänninen (Škoda Fabia S2000) +1m29.3s

7 Petter Solberg (Peugeot 207 S2000) +3m45.9s

8 Nicolas Vouilloz (Škoda Fabia S2000) +4m47.8s

9 Jan Kopecký (Škoda Fabia S2000) +7m45.9s

10 Giandomenico Basso (Peugeot 207 S2000) +8m46.0s

Drivers standing after round 1

1.  Bryan BOUFFIER 25 pt.

2.  Freddy LOIX 18 pt.

3.  Guy WILKS 15 pt.

4.  Stéphane SARRAZIN 12 pt.

5.  François DELECOUR 10 pt.

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