They say that behind every amazing rally driver there is an inspiring co-driver. And the fact that the co-driver is a lady fortifies this saying. However the fact that this lady is Cathy adds a lot of value to the rally and Lebanese motorsport. had the chance to have a quick chat with Cathy after finishing third overall in the rally with Gilbert Bannout.

How do you evaluate the rally, and Gilbert’s driving?

We came out with satisfying results although we could have done so much better. Gilbert is a great driver but in the early stages of the rally he was breaking too early and accelerating too late which cost a little bit of time so I had to push him harder through the notes. This is in my opinion what the aim of co-driver it’s to bring the best from his pilot and Gilbert did very well!

Will we be seeing Cathy again in Lebanon?

Hopefully and depending on my time, like for example when I go back on Monday I will be having five events in five weekends. So it’s a busy time for me but we will see.

Interview: Youssef Roukoz

Photos: Joelle Awad and Khaled Karam

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