After some solid driving in the very difficult Jordan rally, we met Nancy Al Majali the only woman driver in the MERC championship and asked her about her the Rally and her season so far…

Nancy, how did you find the Jordan Rally this year?

The Jordan rally is amazing. The roads are very slippery though so we errors are forbidden.

But you are driving without errors relatively?

It’s going fine. Yesterday morning we lost the turbo in the car and in the afternoon we had a very loose rear and then we faced a problem on our way back after the final stage so we were obliged to enter through super rally which cost us a lot of time.

How do you describe your participation in the MERC championship this year especially that we saw you in all the rallies until now?

I am trying to participate in all the championship. In Qatar I drove with my co-driver Nadia and in Kuwait I was the co-driver.

Are you going to make it to all the rounds?

I always work one rally a time. I don’t have the budget to do the whole championship but I am working on it.

What are the results you are aiming for this year?

We are registered in the MERC championship. We were ranked 7th before Jordan although we didn’t participate as a team in Kuwait. We hope after the Jordan rally that our ranking improves. We also have the Jordanian championship this year, were we have great hopes in this championship too.

You are the only lady participating this year in the MERC, what do you tell other ladies who love the sport?

I am sure that many ladies would love to participate. I guess the only problem in this sport is the financial problem and it’s related to sponsoring. I encourage ladies to enter the sport and start making a name for their selves gradually. Through this and through practice, even for men, it’s the only way to succeed.

At the end I would like to thank my sponsors; Zein, Holiday Inn Dead Sea, Sharp, Liqui Moly, and Almimari.


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