The old champ hinted on coming back. Is it true? JP Nasrallah quit rallying in 2002 after banning 4×4 rally cars including the late WRC’s that he used to compete on. Back then he didn’t find it interesting to drive the group Ns.

He had a brief return in 2004 on a group N car but he didn’t like and so he preferred quitting.

Nasrallah is known as a multiple Lebanese champion who won the rally of Lebanon more than once. He began rallying in the mid-80s and has remained very competitive until his last season.

In an interview with “Bato Auto Moto” The old champ hinted on coming back specially after the introduction of S2000 cars. JP says that he is excited about the idea of coming back. He says he is interested in driving the 4×4 S2000s. He also claims that they suit his style of driving and he didn’t rule out a comeback if the backing and funding is there.

Nasrallah has established a driving school for new rally drivers and has his own internet and gaming café called scratch in Dekwane.

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