Cars are expected to be faster than their predecessors on certain stages, according to the sport’s technical chiefs.

Despite the cars running 1.6-litre instead of two-li ire turbocharged engines and only developing half the torque levels of last year’s cars. Both Citroen and Ford have admitted the 2011-specification machines will be quicker in twisty stages.

Citroen’s Xavier Mestelan-Pinon said:

“In first-, second- and third-gear corners, the DS3 is faster than the C4 on gravel. In rallies like Cyprus if we take the new car there, it will be faster. The car will be faster on slippery roads.”

Ford’s technical director Christian Loriaux said: “We haven’t compared the Focus with the Fiesta. Because it’s like comparing apples and pears, but the Fiesta would be quicker in the twisty stuff because its more agile.”

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