You read what they said ahead of the rally start, check out their quick reaction after the rally ended…

Joseph Hendi:

“I believe my performance was not good in the Rally, I thought I was prepared but I discovered I was not at all. It’s fine, it was a good experience. The stages were very nice, hopefully they repeat the stages in the future, they should because they were the best. It’s true the time gap between drivers was not that big but we could have preformed much better. This was not our rally, it’s fine”

Ramy Meneam:

“The rally was very good! A big thanks to ATCL and to everyone starting with Fadi Aoun, Said Zakaa. The stages were very nice, I don’t know why some drivers were opposing the choice of these stages. Mansour and I had a good performance especially that our car(EVO 6) is not as competitive as the EVO 9 and EVO 10. Driving at night was very tricky for us because it was our first in a night stage. Again a big thanks to our sponsors Otaxi, Straight line, Zak construction. And expect an EVO 9 maybe EVO 10 in Araz Rally”


“Though we had no sponsors and we were a bit lost, the result was very good for an EVO 7. The position was as a result of our car positional, so it was not about skills it was more about what your car can present, as you know that an EVO 9 or an EVO 10 is much faster than an EVO 7. I co-drove with many pilots in the past but Ismat Saifi was great! The rally was all about speed not skills!”

Joseph Matar:

“Very nice but short stages! Roger was great, the car was responding amazingly and our team was well prepared!”

Amin Akel:

“The rally was very nice, very fast stages and Nibal’s driving was great. We will see better performance from Nibal with time, all what he needs is experience”

Nibal Zahr:

Very nice rally, I am very satisfied with my performance and with the results. I would like to thank my co-driver Amin Akel, Philip Azan and everyone who supported us in this Rally.”

Joseph Nasr:

“I’m very happy with the result, it was a very good rally for me and I won the category I competed in. The stages suit my car and I enjoyed the rally. At the end I would like to thank my sponsor ‘Awatar’ for their valuble contribution”

Nicolas Amiouni:

“The rally was very good. We had a mistake in SS1 and we lost a back wheel so we suffered a huge loss of time. After SS3 we started a very aggressive charge and we were able to comeback from 9th to 5th overall. The night stages were amazing and we were only 9 seconds behind roger in the night stages. I am satisfied and looking forward to the rest of the season.”

Tamer Ghandour:

“The rally was very good until SS5 were we lost time because we lost focus. SS5 was very influential and it result made us miss thepodium.”

Roger Bridi:

“I enjoyed the rally and I was hoping to fight with Ziad and Tarek Melhem, but unfortunately they withdrew. I was very close to Bechara Bachir at some time in the rally but he is on a faster car.”

Gilbert Bannout:

“I was getting to meet Cathy’s notes and she was getting to know my way of driving in a rally car. We were 30s behind we should have pushed more and if this wasn’t the case we would be more comfortable and gained a lead of 10s. At the end it was a very good experience and the ARZ rally is not very far away.”

Chafic Boulos:

The new stages were amazing, the first one is very nice and the second one was very fast. We had a target to enter the top 5 but we need to remember that we are on an older car. In general its ok and will be better in the next rally.”

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