Check out some driver and Co – Driver quotes before the start of the rally in Meshref Country club Staurday Mounring.

Ziad Karannouh:

We are well prepared; hope it won’t rain because it is going to bad for us all. We tried our best but the car is still 100 kilos heavier than the Peugeot 206. We just hope for the best and good luck to everyone”

Joseph Hindy:

“Simply 100 %”

Ramy Menhem:

“We are well prepared. Me and Mansour we are used to each other so we won’t have any problem in the car.  I would to thank, our sponsors: O Taxi (Ibrahim) and Straight Line (Maroun Daher). The road is nice, it needs good notes because there are a lot of blind curves it is a new area for us all to discover. We are well aware that our car is a bit old, but it is always nice to have some variation in the rally.”

Tony Germany:

“Our Drivers, Pilots and cars are all ready, may the best man win! Hopefully it is going to be a safe rally for us all”

Roger Feghali:

“We are well prepared, especially with the new EVO 10. The stages are very fast and challenging. I hope we will have a very good rally!”

Nicolas Amyouni :

New and fast stages, new challenges, and we are going to try our best and everything went as planned hopefully we will have goodresults”

Tamer Ghandour:

We decided to participate at the last minute after we received some help from many people. We practiced yesterday, the road is good! Hopefully it is going to be fine!”

Chady Beirouthe:

“The day is going to be just fine, it is going to be a lot fun because the stage are easy and fast!”

Nicholai Georgiou:

The day looks good, the sun is out its going to be okay. I like the stages, there are a little bit short but it’s good to have new stages and there are nice and technical.”

Chafic Boulous:

“We are well prepared, the weather looks nice. We are happy that it’s a new rally so are looking forward for the results”


“I am feeling much better, we are well prepared. Bottom line we have the best team!”

Ziad Chehab:

“As usual, we are well prepared but hope it won’t rain in the middle of the stage. If it’s going to rain, let it be now this way we use the right tires from the beginning.”

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