9:00 pm. – Podium and press conference are done. Drivers headed home to relax. Stayed for all the post rally features.

6:00 pm. – The drivers are heading to ATCL to the podium.

5:20 pm.In the battle for the FWD, Ghassan khoury won followed by Fadi Hammadeh and Hicham el Abiad

5:07 pm.Unofficial results of SS14: Nasser Al Attiyah 10:24.00 – Roger Feghali 10:31.00 – Abdo Feghali 11:36.70


4:32 pm. – SS14 , the final stage of ROL 2011 kicks off now. Stay tuned to find out who’s this year’s champion.

3:45 pm. – The drivers are now heading towards the final stage in ROL 2011 , SS14 Bteghrine.

3:35 pm.Unofficial results of SS13: Nasser Al Attiyah 16:50.20 – Roger Feghali 17:03.50 – Abdo Feghali 17:51.30

3:00 pm. – SS13 will kick of in a few minutes in Kefraya!

2:30 pm. –  Al-Qassimi get too late out of the service zone, he was changing differential and will be penalized!

2:00 pm. – SS12 unofficial results: Nasser Al Attiyah 09:55.70 – Roger Feghali 10:08.10 – Nicolai Georgiou 10:49.30

1:50 pm. – SS12 Kicked off now!

12:10 pm. – The drivers are back to Fouad Shehad and getting ready before SS12 in Zandouka.

11:40 am.Jawad Slim broke his gearbox in the beginning of the stage, he kept going but very slowly

11:30 am.SS11 unofficial results: Roger Feghali 10:33.91 – Abdo Feghali 10:56.70 – Nasser Al Attiyah 10:58.44 . Roger remade the difference.

11:22 am. – Exclusive: Nasser Al Attiyah lost his way in SS11 in Kfertay and he lost approximately 20 seconds!

11:10 am. – SS11 kicked off !

11:03 am. –  Antoine Helou lost his turbo in the liaison after breaking his exhaust in SS10 .The rally is over for him!

11:00 am.ATCL/Unofficial FWD top 5 after SS10: 1- Khoury +19:18.4 2- Hammadeh +21:04.9 3- AL-Abiad +22:31.3 4- Aaraj +24:09.7 5- Bechir +29:53.9

10: 15 am. – In SS10 the drivers’ breaks are suffering and the tarmac is slippery.

10:04 am. –  SS10 results 1st: Nasser Al Attiyah 17:02.40  – 2nd: Roger Feghali 17:19.03 – 3rd: Abdo Feghali 17:37.84

9:45 am. – SS10 in Kefraya is on!

9:44 am. – The competitors are now on their way to SS10 “Kefraya” to tackle the longest SS of the rally 27.90km

9:43 am. Michel Saleh arrived with a flat wheel at the end of SS9 and Bassel Bou Hamdan has failure in the hydraulic pump.

9:42 am.Check the full results of SS9 here: http://www.biser3a.com/rally/rally-of-lebanon-2011-%E2%80%93-results-after-ss9/

9:40 am. – ATCL : the drivers doing the super rally today are: Jawad Slim, Michel Saleh, Bassel Bou Hamdan, Osmat el Saify, Mufeed Mubarak, Mazen Tantash, Nassib Nassar, Joe Azzi and Joeseph Nasr

9:35 am. SS9 unofficial results: Nasser Al Attiyah 10:04.80 – Roger Feghali 10:11.60 – Abdo Feghali 10:28.90

9:30 am. Nicolas Amiouni crashed. He’s ok but the rally is over for him.

9:10 am. – SS9 in Zandouka kicked off!


7:00 pm. – Remember the last days of WRC cars in Rally of Lebanon 2003 with this amazing video – http://www.biser3a.com/motor-sports/video-rally-of-lebanon-2003-highlights/

5:30 pm. -Pictures of Day 2 in ROL 2011 – http://www.biser3a.com/rally/rally-of-lebanon-2011-day-2-pictures/

5:00 pm. – ATCL:The officials penalized Abdo Feghali with 10 seconds (he arrived too late in the parc ferme) and so he lost the second place of the rally!But this was a deliberate act by Abdo, to start on purpose after Nasser Al-Attiyah. Like promised Abdo is helping his brother, so the Feghalis now have one car in front and the other one just behind the Dakar Champion.

3:15 pm. –  The drivers are now entering the Parc Ferme’

2:20 pm. – SS8 unofficial results: http://www.biser3a.com/rally/rally-of-lebanon-2011-%E2%80%93-results-after-ss8/

01:11 pm. – 20 seconds penalty for R.Feghali for arriving 2min late to the start of SS8!
He is still leading the rally!
01:07 pm.-
Investigation are being held by the officials over a penalty to the leader R.Feghali. he arrived 2min late at the start of the SS8… Stay Tuned
12:47 pm. –
SS8 has just kicked off!
12:40 pm. –
Georgiou faced a tire puncture in SS7 . Check out what Georgiou said before the rally: http://www.biser3a.com/rally/2011-rol-nicolai-georgiou-pre-rally-interview/
11:40 am.
Joseph Hindi had an accident in the beginning of the stage but he’s ok. Unfortunately, he’s out of competition!

11:23 am.Unofficial results of SS6: Nasser Al Attiyah 12:17.00 – Roger Feghali 12:20.00 – Abdo Feghali 12:31.00

11:05 am. – SS6 just kicked off and Nasser Al Attiyah is the debuting car.

10:30 am.Recap after SS5: Roger Feghali is 1st overall, Abdo Feghali 2nd and Nasser Al Attiyah 3rd!

Reminder: Tamer Ghandour, Chafic Boulos, Sysley, Bassel Bou Hamdan and Michel Saleh are out of the competition

10:05 am.SS5 unofficial results: Roger Feghali 09:24.05 – Abdo Feghali 09:33.99 – Nicholai Georgioui 09:45.00

9:50 am. – SS5 in Nahr Ibrahim kicks off now and Nasser Al Attiyah is facing a tire puncture.


01:00 am – we had an eventfull evening tonight and only 24 cars finished the night stages.

12:00 -All the cars finished SS4 and are heading back to the service area in Fouad Shehab.

11:45 pm. – Bassel Bou Hamdan is out of the competition!

11:05 pm.SS4 unofficial results: Roger Feghali 10:21.03 – Nasser Al Attiyah 10:24.06 -Abdo Feghali 10:31.03

10:55 pm.Joseph Nassar will resume the rally on Sunday in the super rally!

10:40 pm.SS3 is over, and the unofficial results are: Nasser Al Attiyah 10:23.67 – Roger Feghali 10:35.00 – Abdo Feghali 10:39.56 – Joseph Hindi 10:46.26

10:15 pm. Joseph Nassar #38 had an accident!

9:50 pm. SS2 results: Nasser Al Attiyah 12:48.47 – Roger Feghali 12:49.49 – Abdo Feghali 13:03.49

9:11 SS2 Ain AAYA 1 starts NOW!!

9:09  Rounding up the top 5 are Nicolas Amiouni in 4th place at 10:14.6 and Nick Georgiou in 5th place after finishing SS1 in 10:16.

9:08 pm. – Tamer Ghandour had an early accident in SS1 just before the finish. He is the out of the competition!

8:50 pm.– Roger Feghali 9:45.96,  Nasser  Al Attiah  9:46.40! Nick Georgiou  10:16.52 and Al-Qassimi 11:20.38!

8:00 pm. – The ROL 2011 kicks off now with the 1st driver, Nasser Al Atiyyah, in the 1st night stage.

7:00 pm. – The ceremonial start has just finished. The drivers are heading to Naher Ibrahim for the SS1 which will kick off at 8:00 pm.

5:00 p.m. – The ceremonial start just began at ATCL. First driver on the ramp: Nasser Al Attyiah.

4:00 p.m. – Cars are in service area preparing to go to “Park Ferme” then to the ceremonial start at ATCL.

1:00 p.m. – Press conference has finished and drivers will take a rest before going to the launch at around 5PM.

12:28 p.m. – Pre race press conference taking place..

11:30 a.m. – scruteering took place and all the cars are looking good for the rally.