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Today’s episode of “Tamen Belak” – (Lasip) on radio voice of Lebanon 93.3 was all about motorsport and safety related issues . The show currently hosted by George Metni, son of rally legend Adel Menti, is dedicated for safety in sports and took today’s episode as a chance to shed the light on the ever growing Motor sports in Lebanon (Motor Sports has been a hot topic in the show since its beginning and Full support was given by YASA and LASIP for it). Metni’s guests where rally, hill climb, speed test and drift drivers; George Chahwan (Hill Climb and speed test), Shady shehade and Samer Mansour (Hill Climb and speed test) and Beshara Azar (Drifting).

The episode concentrated on enlightening the public on road safety and the importance of carrying speed to proper place. They explained how rally car are prepared and how different they are from normal cars. The episode also concentrated on technical details regarding the buildup of a rally driver and the kind of equipment he should use.

The drivers also talked about their selves and their careers. They mentioned how they grew up on motorsport and the passion they carry for it. They also talked about the people who influenced their career.

The episode also talked about the issue of speed circuits in Lebanon, and driving schools, which were pioneered by Adel Metni. Drivers also talked about their coming projects for the year 2011.

Note: George Metni and Georges Chahwan are active members in LASIP (Lebanese Association for Sports Injury Prevention) and they are working hard on promoting road safety and security in Lebanon.


Georges Chahwan is also member of racing art rally team and is working closely with YASA to promote safety. He is also in engaged in a campaign of workshops regarding this matter in schools and universities.


(Photo Taken during the 2010 Hill Climb Championship in Deir El Qamar)

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