October 11, 2016 – A tragic accident in last weekend’s San Marino RallyLegend left 1 person dead and 8 injured.

> انقر هنا للنسخة العربية

The #44 Renault Clio Maxi of Enrico Bonaso and co-driver Alice Palazzi went straight on wet tarmac and hit a hay bale behind which a group of spectators were standing, killing 57-year-old spectator Harry Anselmino and injuring 8 others, of whom 3 are in life-threatening condition.

Reports claim that the cause of the accident was driver error. RallyLegend, an event which features a mix of historic and modern-day rally cars, was cancelled as a result of the incident.

The accident goes to show that spectators need to be taught or given instructions on where to stand in these sort of events in order to avoid such tragedy.

[Warning: Videos contain footage some viewers may find disturbing]


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