The unstoppable Roger Feghali continued his domination at the 30th Spring Rally by winning the fourth special stage in Blat, which brought his total special stage wins to four out of four today.

“Thankfully, it was a good start. The first two stages were very dangerous but we made the right tyre choice in the next two stages, we went for full dry. We managed to pull away, and the gap is now 27 seconds. Nicolas Amiouni is third. It’s been a bittersweet rally for Motortune Racing so far. Tamer Ghandour was forced to retire due to a mechanical failure and Henry Massaad couldn’t start the rally. On the one side, it’s good that we’re leading the rally. On the other side, our two cars shouldn’t have retired.” said leader Roger Feghali at the end of SS4.

Abdo Feghali maintained a consistent performance to go second fastest; this puts him 27 seconds behind his older brother, while Nicolas Amiouni retook P3 from Tamer Ghandour after the latter’s retirement.

Ghandour retired from the Lebanese Rally Championship opener following a mechanical problem on his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X; he was in the running for a podium position and managed to snatch P3 from Nicolas Amiouni on SS3 before his retirement.

Pos       Driver                Time/Gap
01.       Roger Feghali          10:19.0
02.       Abdo Feghali          +00:08.0
03.       Nicolas Amiouni       +00:16.9
04.       Joe Kfoury            +00:31.9
05.       Rodrigue Rahi         +00:38.9
06.       Emile Abou Karam      +00:43.0
07.       Rony Kanaan           +00:46.9
08.       Rabih Ayoub           +00:49.9
09.       Nabil Abdelhak        +00:59.0
10.       Matador               +01:06.9
11.       Eddy Abou karam       +01:12.0
12.       Hicham Al Abiad       +01:13.9
13.       Robert Aaraj          +01:15.4
14.       Ziad Feghali          +01:30.9
15.       Dany Abou Chakra      +01:39.9
16.       Majed Khoury          +01:43.9
17.       Bechara Bechir        +01:49.0
18.       Walid Chlink          +02:03.9
19.       Hovic Karakozian      +02:13.0
20.       Zakh                  +02:31.9
21.       Carl Chalhoub         +02:44.0
22.       Elie Nehme            +02:51.0
23.       Tarek Jaber           +08:07.9