(Sysley testing the new EVO 9)

Tony Germany Rally Skills tested their new Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 yesterday with team driver Joseph Bechara (Sysley)  and his co-driver Fady Attieh at “Jouret Arsoun” in “Mount Lebanon”. The test targeted some setup enhancements on the car’s suspension prepared by TG Rally Skills at Jean Liza Garage in “Nahr el Mout”.

(Bannout working on the car's setup)

www.biser3a.com was there to cover the test. The test started at 1:30 PM featuring Lebanese rally driver Gilbert Bannout who was assisting the team in preparing the right setup for what used to be his road car. The Evo 9 which was totally prepared By TG Rally Skills in Lebanon, is a car that Bannout has a lot of experience on. Bannout started the test with some tyre warming and setup changes and then handed the car over to Sysley himself to start testing the car and getting in grips with its new features.

Sysely did several runs on the car and felt comfortable with it after the end of the day. He said thatthe test was very positive and he is confident about the car’s ability. We got along with Sysley for a little chat after the test was concluded.

How was your test today and how’s the car?

The test was great today, and the car was amazing too. Gilbert drove the car and gave us his feedback, he has a lot of experience on the car and we benefitted from the setup he gave us. Congrats for Tony Germany for preparing the car, he has done an excellent job.

Your next participation is the spring rally, it’s your first participation, and how do you find yourself?

I feel good. The car is excellent and there is an amazing team around me, so the rest is up to me to continue the job.

How do you feel after the crash a couple of years ago and do you still feel you have the same drive?

Well to be honest I totally forgot the accident. It does not come to my mind. I’m sure I need some more time I will be better especially with the car on hand, since since it hasn’t been a long time for me driving an EVO.

Tell us what’s secret behind the red color on all your rally cars?

It has been a good luck charm. I hope it continues.

(Sysley speaking to Biser3a)                                                 

During the test Eddy Abou Karam, another driver who will race for Tony Germany  this season arrived to watch the session, in addition to many other rally fans in Lebanon.

The test was concluded at around 5 PM and the team was satisfied with the outcome.

Stay Tuned for a Full feature interview with one of Lebanon’s best Rally drivers Gilbert Bannout, talking about his upcoming season, his participation in France, his history and relationship with tony Germany, the MERC, and the new WRC season.

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