Motor tune is practically the number one rally Garage in Lebanon. The Garage is owned by Roger Feghali and he has been, very successful preparing rally cars for most of the rally drivers competing in Lebanese competitions and regional competitions. You cannot but notice Motor Tune cars in every single rally in the Middle East. Practically Motor Tune is participating in very round of the MERC, with different drivers. Their reputation is exceeding them wherever they go. But this reputation doesn’t come from the blank. Roger Feghali and his team have been working hard to establish a very reliable and trust worthy organization.

Most cars prepared by Motor Tune have been winning rallies for a long period of time now. Roger himself has been very dominant winning rallies in Lebanon and abroad using machinery he prepares and relying on his amazing talent.

Motor Tune’s latest participation providing technical support was in the rally of Qatar, which was won by Qatari hero Nasser Al Attiyah. Their support was provided for Ammar Hijazi driving a Skoda Fabia S2000. Ammar finished 6th in the rally and 4th in the MERC championship, on his first outing with this car. But the story doesn’t end here. MotorTune was also with Mubarak Al Hajiri who finished the rally second and was leading early on. The “Motor Tune” crew working on cars on all rallies is very professional and they are on the same level of the crews working on the cars of drivers with foreign technical support. Such drivers like Nasser Al Attiyah or previously Khalid Al Qassimi come with a group of foreign technicians, to cover their rally. The Motor Tune crew is formed of a group of talented Lebanese guys, with the supervision of he, himself, Roger Feghali.

Motor Tune is not just a tuning garage. Under motor tune’s umbrella, there is a rally team, and it’s most recent inclusion is young driver sensation Nicolas Amiouni, who had a very impressive participation in the last version of ROL before he retired on day 2. Nicolas Amiouni is tutored and guided by Roger and he promises to be one of Lebanon’s best drivers in the future. Amiouni’s, 2011 schedule will consist of 11 rallies, 8 in Lebanon, Jordan and Cyprus along with 3 European outings.

As Lebanese, we are very proud of Motor Tune’s achievements. But when will Roger get the sufficient support to participate in every round of the MERC? We all saw what happened in Cyprus 2010…

Motor Tune is located in Hazmieh, mount Lebanon.

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