We got the opportunity to spend a weekend driving Infiniti’s brilliant Q30S, on all types of Lebanese roads, ranging from city streets to mountain roads. The car is simply brilliant. I can easily say that the car can be considered one of the best choices for a young business man in the 30s and above as well as a great car for a mid-sized family who doesn’t fancy a a big SUV.

The car’s driving experience speaks for itself. The driver seating position is excellent and adjustable between both a comfy status and sporty status. All the features of the car are accessible from the steering wheel and the pedal shifts, which are located on the steering, puts you in a position where you are ready to launch the car’s full sporty potential. There are 3 driving modes: full automatic, which is also the most economic mode, in addition to a full on sports mode and a manual mode relying solely on the driver up and down shifting. With 208 Hp, the car has the reserve of horse power you need whenever you have the need the punch to go faster, and when you just want to cruise the car is smooth as butter and reacts to the roads as music to the ears.

The Q30 is also a very practical car for the Lebanese roads. It has a considerable amount of clearance above the ground, protecting it from huge challenges found on the Lebanese roads. Bumps and road holes are not a big problem for the Q30 and the car can easily be used for light off-road experiences.

In terms of looks, the car is a combination of a hot hatch and a luxury sedan. An aggressive front demonstrating the excellence and brilliance of Infiniti, a feature we find in all Infiniti cars aligning with the brand identity and the theme used on all models. Very smooth lines on the sides of the car give it a sporty and dynamic look and a compact aggressive back giving room from a big and spacious trunk. The car’s spacing for both front and back seats is exceptional considering its size. Big sized individuals can sit comfortably in the back, while both front seats form the best possible seating experience for both the driver and the companion. The Q30 has mastered the art and science of spacing.

The car has an excellent price, if we consider its value and what it presents, according to the Lebanese market. The Normal Q30, starts at 36,900$ including VAT, while the flagship Q30s, which we drove last weekend, is priced just over 50,000. Models are available at both Infiniti show rooms in Lebanon, at Cheyyah and Dbayye, with various colors and feature options. The simple judgement I can make is that you are getting an excellent price over return since you are buying a premium brand. Some people may have the delusion that they need a 4WD or AWD car but its simply not true and starting model for the Q30 can prove to you what I say, but if 4WD or AWD is a must, a bit more than 50K is not a big amount, again, for a premium 4WD car that has all what it takes to be driven everyday feeling good and to be explored with full power whenever needed.


Q30 1.6T


Q30 2.0T SPORT

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