A.N.Boukather Motorcycles organizes the Enduro Cup stage 2 in association with the American University of Technology, Halat Campus.


Beirut, October 6, 2017: In the presence of the French KTM Dakar Rider Benjamin Melot, A.N.Boukather Motorcycles organized the 2nd stage of the Enduro Cup in association with the American University of Technology, Halat Campus.

With exceptional standards and participants, track and professionalism, this has remarkably been one of the most awaited Motorcycles Cups in Lebanon.


Within the outstanding entertainment of live music, stunt performances, F&B and the support of several sponsors: Total, Commercial insurance, Karcher and Main Street,  25 participants competed along the cheers of a supportive and excited crowd witnessing an out of this world competition and adrenaline rush.

The race was divided into 3 categories: Clubmen, Advanced and Professionals, where KTM riders dominated the 1st positions!


Mr. Anthony Boukather, CEO of ANBoukather Holding said: “we are very pleased to provide a professional and safe environment for passionate riders to show off and grow their talents. A.N.Boukather Motorcycles Enduro Cup is a statement showcasing motorbikes as an extraordinary sport and enhancing the genuine culture of motorcycles in Lebanon.  For us, it is a yearly challenge and commitment for sustaining the required safety values and bringing this game to another level.”


A.N.Boukather Motorcycles Enduro Cup defined new standards for the motorcycles’ cups in Lebanon.  It amplified the culture of riding as a sport, by reuniting fanatical motorcyclists in a competitive, professional and friendly spirit. “In Mud We Trust”, A.N.Boukather Motorcycles offered a muddy, unforgettable Enduro  experience making us impatiently wait for the 3rd stage scheduled in November 2017!

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