Fueled by a passion for cars and drifting, Lebanese stunt driver Naji Bou Hassan will be attempting to break yet another record on August 26, at the first ever Motorsport Festival in Aley.

Naji Bou Hassan spent his teenage years smoking tires in the streets of Beirut. He’s been the star of almost every motorsport event in Lebanon and the Middles East since 2011, making heads turn and hearts race with every new stunt. He used to compete in drift events before choosing to focus on the stuntman line.

Naji faced a lot of problems in his career, but he never gave up on his passion. On September 3 2017, Bou Hassan broke the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous car donuts by the same driver, by spinning 5 cars at the same time.

This year, he’s aiming for a new record: he’ll be burning wheels and shifting gears in a 15 meter radius, all while doing yoga on the top of the car. We can’t wait for it to happen!

The Guinness World Record attempt will take place in Aley as part of its first ever Motorsport Festival. The festival will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Tourism, and in collaboration with the Municipality of Aley.  It will span three days – from Friday August 24 till Sunday August 26 – with Naji’s attempt taking place on the third and final day. He is expected to run at 6h00 PM so make sure you are on time.