After claiming that the upcoming Nissan GT-R project had been almost “killed off”, Inside Line recently reported that Godzilla is back in Nissan’s pipeline of future models to come.

And with the car approaching its sixth anniversary next year, rumor has it that Nissan is planning to introduce a significantly refreshed GT-R in 2013 or 2014 to fill the gap between the ongoing model and the next-generation model which is scheduled for 2018.

The Japanese manufacturer wanted to debut the second-gen GT-R in 2015, but postponed development after Kazutoshi Mizuno, the company’s chief engineer, had left the company due to health concerns.

It’s still a long way before we can estimate the performance figures, but Nissan will be definitely keeping a close eye on Honda’s hybrid NSX. Will that influence Nissan into hybridizing the mighty GT-R?