Red Bull Air Race is an international series of air races which take place in different venues from around the globe such as the United States, United Arab Emirates and Great Britain.  It was first conceived in 2003 by the energy drinks company Red Bull.

There is a total of 15 pilots, and only the top 9 of these pilots receive championship points. Pilots have to travel through many obstacles, while exposing themselves to very high levels of G-Force in order to set their times.

The series was cancelled for 2011 and 2012 to allow for a restructure as well as the implementation of new safety measures; it will make a comeback in 2013.

Race Format:
The Red Bull Air Race consists of the following flying sessions: Training, Qualifying, Wild Card, Top 12, Super 8 and Final 4. In all sessions, only one pilot races in the track at any time.

TRAINING: Takes place on the days preceding Qualifying Day. There are two training days each consisting of two training sessions. Pilots must take part in at least two mandatory training sessions. Time of final training session (training 4) determines the starting order for Qualifying.

QUALIFYING: Takes place on Qualifying Day, the day before Race Day. Includes two mandatory qualifying sessions. Best time counts. One World Championship point is awarded to the fastest pilot in Qualifying.

WILD CARD: Takes place on Race Day. The five slowest from Qualifying compete for the two available places in the Top 12. Results in the Wild Card determine 13th to 15th place race positions.

TOP 12: Takes place on Race Day. The fastest ten from Qualifying and the fastest two from the Wild Card compete for a place in the Super 8. Results in the Top 12 determine 9th to 12th place race positions.

SUPER 8: Eight fastest from Top 12 compete in the Super 8. The fastest four pilots advance to the Final 4. Results in the Super 8 determine 5th to 8th place race positions.

FINAL 4: Four fastest from the Super 8 compete in the Final 4 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place race positions.

Champion Second Third
2003  Peter Besenyei  Klaus Schrodt  Kirby Chambliss
2004  Kirby Chambliss  Peter Besenyei  Steve Jones
2005  Mike Mangold  Peter Besenyei  Kirby Chambliss
2006  Kirby Chambliss  Peter Besenyei  Mike Mangold
2007  Mike Mangold  Paul Bonhomme  Peter Besenyei
2008  Hannes Arch  Paul Bonhomme  Kirby Chambliss
2009  Paul Bonhomme  Hannes Arch  Matt Hall
2010  Paul Bonhomme  Hannes Arch  Nigel Lamb