The motorcycle community has been growing exponentially in the past couple of years in Lebanon. The reasons behind this growth vary on different levels, but few of the motorcyclists in the country and those who desire to be,  have the right knowledge and training to ride in a safe and professional way.

On Saturday noon we visited “Monte Verde Karting” the track used by A.N.Boukather for the ART “Advanced Rider Techniques” course that they have been giving last Saturday and Sunday, in collaboration with California school of motorcycles, one of the best in the world. “ART” is a course targeted to all the riders with riding experience, in order to improve their techniques. Riders of all ages, and both genders were present for learning new skills and improving their approach towards motorcycle riding. A team of foreign experts in collaboration of Staff members from A N Boukhater were training and assisting the riders who were registered for the course. The course spanned for around 4 hours on each day, and the rider were taught techniques like throttle control, riding lines and many other valuable techniques.

The training session started with a briefing session were the riders were guided on how to follow rules and adapt to the flag system used around the track. Riders were supplied with Helmets and Jackets for safety and the Red Cross was present in case of any emergency.

As an outsider eye we can sensed a lot of responsibility and professionalism in this training session and safety measure were tackled on all levels. Many people have been encouraged to take the lesson because of the un-expensive fee. In the coming days we will be presenting you with an interview Mr. Nicolas Boukatherof A.N.Boukather which will address many issues regarding the Motorcycle culture in Lebanon, the plans and achievement of A.N.Boukather and many other issues. Mr . Boukather will be also talking about the NRT “New Rider Techniques course that has been created exclusively by A.N.Boukather for beginner bikers with no biking experience.

Such initiatives in the Lebanese society are admired and very highly rated especially that they hold a lot of social value regardless of the business end behind it. We hope that such initiative will be one of many founding stones of a new and healthy Motorcycle culture in a country striving to solve the issues of traffic, pollution, parking space and lack of public transportation.

Do not miss the upcoming interview with Mr. Nicolas Boukather.

To check the photos from the training session please click on this link.

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