Who are we?

We at Biser3a.com define ourselves as the first open Automotive & Motorsports online community in the Arab World. The website was founded at the beginning of 2011 and since then the community has spread over the scale of the Middle East.

At Biser3a.com we believe that engines are run with passion and so is our work! We cover events both in the Middle East and around the World. We have dedicated coverage for local rallies and international events, such as Formula 1 races, WRC and 24 Hours Endurance racing. We have established ourselves as the leading Motorsport Website in the Middle East in a very short period. We publish news, analytical articles, investigative articles, exclusives, videos, photos, interviews and much more.

We also believe sharing and we are happy to publish for anybody and shed the light on the new Automotive and Motorsport Talents. Send us all your details and we can publish your article both in English and Arabic with your full name and site accreditation.

We at Biser3a.com are open to any suggestion and will be happy for any contribution. Your suggestions and contributions will be beneficial for both the “Biser3a” community and other parties.

Our main focus will be on the Middle East and the events related to this Region. We will also be presenting news from all the automotive happenings around the world.