June 1, 2016 – I was honestly very skeptical when given the chance to try out the new Porsche Macan GTS. To me, all SUVs are the same: heavy, with an elevated center of gravity and huge body roll, consequently making them very dull to anyone who knows anything about cars. How exciting would another SUV be?


The first thing that comes to mind when we say Porsche, is the iconic 911. but the German carmaker isn’t about that stereotypical supercar anymore. It proved to be much more than that. When Porsche decided to dive into the SUV market, no one expected them be that successful. And since the Cayenne is too big for some people, Porsche gave us the Macan. But would the baby brother be able to follow the Cayenne’s footsteps?


Taken from exotic Indonesia, Macan means Tiger, summing up all of this Porsche’s characteristics: sharp, agile, dynamic. Add a GTS badge, and this compact sport utility vehicle becomes a ferocious feline. With twin-turbo, 355 horsepower and a signature Porsche growl, the MACAN GTS will guarantee to scare off anyone who defies its genuine Porsche origin, without being too vocally vulgar.


The GTS a.k.a the “Passe-partout” is a versatile version of the MACAN that can be driven in any condition, any time, any day. The standard driving mode is for daily mundane streets, quiet and docile. The off-road mode increases the cars elevation for extreme weather conditions & rough, gravel roads when extra fun is needed. While the sports mode unleashes that supreme 911 sensation. Needless to say more. The Macan’s change of temper happens within seconds, courtesy of the sexy ergonomic buttons in the beautifully crafted center console. But that’s not all, the GTS gets the full 911 treatment with options for a stiffer suspension, lower elevation & louder exhaust.


Porsche have done very well with the GTS, their attention to details is unrivaled. The interior is meticulously trimmed to give the purists the same feeling they get when buying any 911. Not one element was spared.

The MACAN GTS handles great for an SUV, and since it is intended to be sportier than the Cayenne, its standard 7-speed dual-clutch PDK gearbox is more responsive than the Cayenne’s 8-speed Tiptronic transmission that has smoother shifts.


The lack of space in the back seat is the only noticeable downside of any MACAN, but then again, when your daily passengers become too big for the Macan’s back seat, that’s when you know it’s time to buy a Cayenne (smart move Porsche), and yes, the Cayenne does also come in GTS and Turbo versions that are as much fun as the MACAN, with a slightly more mature stance.

I fell in love with the MACAN GTS. With the perfectly right amount of power and a very responsive suspension, it is an enjoyable car to drive on any terrain and on any given day. It remains my favorite in its category, and for those who still doubt it, the Macan GTS truly lives up to its German family name & heritage.

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