August 25, 2015 – After his 2015 Red Bull Car Park Drift Lebanon victory, we got together with Fadi Boustany to discuss his achievement, his preparations for the regional finals and his plans outside of drifting.

> Video: Fadi Boustany at the 2015 Red Bull Car Park Drift Lebanon

How do you feel after winning the Red Bull Car Park Drift this year, especially that you’ve been drifting brilliantly for several years, but luck hasn’t been always on your side?

Of course, it is a wonderful feeling, for myself and for the guys who supported me, especially after making a mistake last year in my final attempt, which cost me the title. Naturally, we’re very happy.

Who was your toughest competitor in this year’s Red Bull CPD, who were you worried of the most?

Honestly, I wasn’t focused on anyone in particular, and I don’t really think about it. I drive without thinking about anyone, which is why I’m always calm.

We see several sponsors on your car, including Zehlewe. What would like to say to them, especially that they’ve been with you for a long time, and your victory means a lot to them and to you?

I don’t have any sponsors. Zehlewe is my mechanic and he’s the owner of the car. Of course, I would like to thank him.

The competition in the Middle East is very tough, especially with Jordanian contestants, including last year’s winner Ahmad Daham. How are the preparations, and what more can you do to be 100 percent prepared to compete for the title in Kuwait?

Ahmad Daham is a champion, but there are plenty of similarly skilled drivers in Lebanon and I’ve been competing against them, so I don’t think there’s anything special waiting for us in Kuwait. As for the preparations, we’re gonna work hard on the car in order not to face any problems.


Your results in the Lebanese Drift Championship this year were good, but you weren’t consistently on the podium, what held you back?

My results were good and I’ve been on the podium in every race except for one, which was at the Fouad Chehab Stadium, because I had a problem in the car.

There’s one more round in the Lebanese Drift Championship, which is taking place at the end of next month. Are you planning anything special that might help you prepare for the CPD Finals, or are things remaining the same?

There are no special preparations for the final round of the championship. As usual, I will drive without practice, I don’t need to practice, but I do need to win in order to clinch the title, I need to finish first.

After winning the Red Bull Car Park Drift, are you considering other forms of motorsport such as Speed Test, Hill Climb or Rally?

Of course, it’s a dream. If I had a strong sponsor, I would compete in the Hill Climb championship or Rally championship, but we need to find a sponsor first.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I would like to thank Garage George Wannis or “Zehlewe” who gave me the car. I wouldn’t be here without him. I would also like every person who supported me in all of the events.

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