August 9, 2015 – Abdo Feghali scored a third consecutive victory in the 2015 Lebanese Speed Test Championship as he clocked the fastest time in his Mitsubishi Evo IX during the third round of the season at the Fouad Chehab Stadium in Jounieh this morning.

Shady Akl (Evo VII) was the fastet man in the first heat, but Feghali managed to improve in the second and final heat to finish almost 2 seconds clear of Xavier Massaad, who settled for second place overall, followed by Paul Kossaifi (Evo IX) in third overall and second in the Pro class.

Shady Akl settled for fourth overall and second in the Super Series class, which was won by Massaad onboard his Evo VII. Mohammad Basbous was third fastest in the class in his Subaru Impreza.

Volkswagen Golf driver Chadi Abou Assi beat Renault Clio RS driver Charbel Ghanem to the Amateur cup class win for the second race in a row, with Joudy Feghali third.

Top 10 provisional final results:

01. Abdo Feghali – 1:19.84
02. Xavier Massaad – 1:21.35
03. Paul Kossaifi – 1:22.41
04. Shady Akl – 1:23.16
05. Carlos Chamoun – 1:23.64
06. Chadi Abou Assi – 1:24.12
07. Mohammad Basbous – 1:25.24
08. Charbel Ghanem – 1:25.54
09. Nour Nasseredine – 1:27.04
10. Karim Mansour – 1:27.36

Results by Heat: heat 1, heat 2.

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