June 24, 2015 – The Automobile & Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL) has published the official itinerary for the third round of the 2015 Lebanese Rally Championship, the 24th Cedars’ Rally, which is taking place on Sunday, July 5.

Drivers will tackle a total 12 special stages, which are divided into three loops of four stages. SS1, SS5 and SS9 will take place on a 5.47-kilometer stage in Kfarhazir. SS2, SS6 and SS10 on a 9.2-kilometer course in Bhabbouch. SS3, SS7 and SS11 on a 5.07-kilometer stage in Sereel. SS4, SS8 and SS12 on the lengthiest 12.73-kilometer stage in Mazraat El Teffah. The special stages cover 97.44 kilometers of the rally’s total 345.95-kilometer distance.

The 24th Cedars’ Rally will kick off with the first special stage in Kfarhazir at 08:43 AM, while the 12th and final stage in Mazraat El Teffah is expected to start at 16:53, followed by the prize-giving ceremony in Cedrus Hotel at 17:45.