Picking out the best-looking rally cars of all time is absurd because “looks are subjective”, which is exactly what this article is, subjective. As I write this, I can only hope that you will agree with me on at least one of the cars on my brief list. There are lots of beautiful rally cars, including the Lancia Delta HF, Peugeot 306 Maxi and Ford Puma S1600, so it was truly hard to position them in a bigger list, which is why I only picked my five ultimate ones.

05. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI


Tommi Makinen’s championship-winning car from the late 1990s. If you don’t think the Evo VI deserves a spot on this list, then you need to have your eyes checked. A red Evo VI is the dream.

04. Audi Quattro A1/A2

Sonderausstellung zur faszinierenden Rallye-Aera im Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt:/Vor Ort zu bewundern ist unter anderem der Audi quattro Rallye A2 Gruppe B von 1984, im Bild der Rallye Weltmeister Hannu Mikkola bei der Rallye Akropolis im Jahr 1984

Audi’s dominant Quattro A1/A2 from the early 1980s is perhaps not as wild and flashy as the Sport Quattro S1 that succeeded it, but the design just works so well; it is sleek and simple, without any of the S1’s protruding arches.

03. Subaru Impreza WRC GC


It’s not Subaru’s most successful rally car but it is always remembered for its outstanding looks. It stood out as the only two-door sedan in an era of hatchbacks and coupes (bar the Lancer Evo).

02. Lancia 037


The last rear-wheel drive rally car to win the World Rally Championship. It gave Audi a run for their money in the early 1980s and it looked like a super car; the Martini livery was a plus.

01. Lancia Stratos HF


And the best-looking rally car is… the super exotic Stratos HF from the 1970s. You just have got to admire this car, not only for its success, but for its unique design that truly sets is apart from any other rally car produced to date.