Alfa Romeo

Drag Race: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV vs BMW M3 Competition Pack vs Cadillac ATS-V

Apr 16, 2017Biser3a

April 16, 2017 – This is a drag race we’ve been eagerly waiting for. The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV up against two well-established competitors from...

This Alfa Romeo 155 V6 sounds better than Formula 1 cars

Apr 10, 2017Joe Baaklini

April 10, 2017 – Formula 1 cars used to be the meanest-sounding cars in existence. However, they went from hero to zero with the introduction...

Gargour Automotive Company unveils the stunning new Alfa Romeo Giulia

Mar 15, 2017Biser3a

March 15, 2017 – All of the legendary Alfa Romeo models combined heritage, speed and beauty, making them the highest expression of Italian style in...

Alfa Romeo reveals the new Stelvio, its first ever SUV

Nov 18, 2016Biser3a

November 18, 2016 – Alfa Romeo has taken the wraps off its first ever SUV, the Stelvio, at the LA Auto Show this week. >...

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV beats Porsche Panamera Turbo to Nürburgring record

Sep 08, 2016Joe Baaklini

September 8, 2016 – It didn’t take long for the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV to reclaim the title of “world’s fastest sedan” as it recently...

Alfa Romeo 4C transformed into 600hp Hill Climb monster

Sep 08, 2016Joe Baaklini

September 8, 2016 – The Alfa Romeo 4C is an impressive small sports car thanks to its sub-900 kilogram weight and 237-hp 1.75-liter four-cylinder engine,...

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is 13 seconds faster than the BMW M4 around the Ring

Sep 17, 2015Joe Baaklini

September 17, 2015 – Alfa Romeo is sure making a firecracker of a comeback as it announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show that its all-new...

Alfa Romeo reveals the all-new Giulia sedan

Jun 25, 2015Joe Baaklini

June 25, 2015 – Alfa Romeo has finally revealed its much anticipated rear-wheel drive midsize sedan, the Giulia, which targets the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes...

Alfa Romeo 155 V6 tackles Verzegnis Hill Climb 2014

Aug 03, 2014Joe Baaklini

What I like most about Hill Climbs is the wide variety of absolutely bonkers cars, and at the recent Verzegnis Hill Climb there were plenty,...

Alfa Romeo 4C full specs revealed

Feb 26, 2013Joe Baaklini

Alfa Romeo returns to the Geneva Motor Show with the final version of the 4C, a mid-engined rear-wheel drive coupe which first debuted as a...

Alfa Romeo performs stunt with MiTo SBK Edition

Feb 01, 2013Joe Baaklini

To celebrate their involvement in the Superbike World Championship, Alfa Romeo introduced the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde SBK Limited Edition at the Paris Motor Show last September,...

Alfa Romeo to introduce 9 new models by 2016

Dec 21, 2012Joe Baaklini

Alfa Romeo, Italy’s famous premium automaker, will be introducing a total of nine new models by the year 2016, according to a report by Italian...

Alfa Romeo 4c Concept – Review + pictures

May 03, 2011Biser3a

Afla always makes them unique … this one is unique too but when will it hit the roads?