Ford Mustang video

Mustang GT vs. Camaro SS vs. Challenger SRT8 [video]

Jul 16, 2012Joe Baaklini

US magazine MotorTrend takes the world’s 3 favorite muscle cars to a drag strip in order to put the “Which muscle car is best or...

Ford Mustang drag race crash [video]

Jun 03, 2012Joe Baaklini

Here’s video footage of a Ford Mustang losing control during a drag race and crashing into the side barrier. We’re not sure whether it is...

Man attempts to take his Mustang around Laguna Seca… on two wheels

May 09, 2012Joe Baaklini

James Smith takes his old Ford Mustang on a two wheel trip around the Laguna Seca track in the USA. Can he accomplish this daring quest?? Watch...