Lebanese Porsche Cayenne GTS gets a Toyota 2JZ engine and rear-wheel drive

January 3, 2017 – The 4.8-liter V8 engine that comes standard on the first-generation Porsche Cayenne GTS is a very potent unit as it pushes out 400 horsepower, but it can be an expensive tune, which is why the Lebanese owner of this Cayenne GTS swapped the original engine for a Toyota 2JZ, the legendary Japanese engine that powers the Toyota Supra.

Not only that, but he also converted the German luxury SUV from all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive. Perhaps joining the Lebanese Drift Championship is on the cards? We would love to see it in action.

It is worth mentioning that the engine swap was done by Garage Jamil El Zein and the car is owned by Mohammad Serhan.

Check out the SUV on the dyno in the video below.


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