They say that you find a lot of your lady’s character when you push things between you to the limit!

Here I go again, I’m back to talk about the hottest hatch of all time… the Golf GTI.  It is when Benz, Renault, Ford and Volvo decided that they want their share of the “hot hatch” excitement that VW felt that they need to face this greed with a new superior model, the Golf GTI MK7.

217 bhp, 258 lb.ft, 0 to 100 in about 6.5 seconds and 245 Km/h top speed. It has ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and if your mom allows it, you can have the performance package to add 10 hp and an electronically controlled mechanical slip differential.


Since I’m a blogger and not a journalist I am allowed to write anything I want! That explains the mess made above. No I’m kidding! Even Microsoft Word marked the above sentence with green, just like the color of the GTI club member’s faces when they will see how I horribly introduced their new babygirl. The reason I did that is because I’m so disappointed of the new model! I mean the looks are adorable, the red line outlining the sexy façade of the Golf has never been better and it is made of glowing red LED! The interior is still so much fun that each time you get inside the car to go to work you find yourself heading to the ice cream store…

Performance-wise, the car does deliver 217 bhp and will get you from 0 to 100km/hr in 6.5 seconds and will also top to a time freezing 245 km/h on your local highway (I’m not promoting speed but yeah this baby does that). It still has the magical Dual Clutch Gearbox (DSG), the gearbox that shifts faster than your mind thinking. The company also can have you a performance package installed with couple of thousands of dollars; this will give you full control of the driving dynamics and settings such as the gear changes, suspension…

To note: The car is drafted and designed by the same rev head that made the Porsche 911 GT3!


However, if you think for once that the GTI will be Porsche-like behaving; well you’re wrong! The MK7, unlike the MK5 and MK6 lacks the stiffness, the sporty roughness. Even when you turn off your electric safety systems you will still get rejected or slapped on the hand by this lady each time you misbehave. You would be surprised that these systems are not completely disabled and will still interfere and hurt your driver’s pride. I mean the last thing you need when you’re sliding at high speeds is a mom to tell you to act nice and behave!

I love cars! but I would never want to beg one to allow me to crash or slip over a cliff! When I want it, I’m boss and I should get it!  To be honest, the features on the GTI MK7 are to be tolerated if they were fitted in the new Porsche Macan, and I believe Porsche did use a similar engine and gearbox on this urban SUV. However, I cannot say that it’s comparable by “any scale” whatsoever to the 911 GT3…

This girl’s character will forever remain mysterious as it will never let you push her to the limit!

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