Volkswagen Beetle

How to Skydive into a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible [video]

Apr 11, 2013Joe Baaklini

In Volkswagen’s latest video promotion for the all-new Beetle Convertible, a skydiver jumps from an airplane and manages to successfully land in the front passenger...

This is the Bugatti Veyron… Beetle Edition

Feb 08, 2013Joe Baaklini

The fabled Bugatti Veyron has lots of editions, 24 to be precise; starting from the first special edition Pur Sang to the awkward-looking and unofficial...

The new 2012 VW beetle, is it a chick car? (video)

Apr 23, 2011Biser3a

Check out the amazing new commercial video for the 2012 beetle in addition to a full review about the expected updates icon.