ANB Motorcycles, the exclusive Piaggio Group and KTM distributor in Lebanon, recently hosted their annual “Advanced Riding Technique” event for the second year in a row event at the Pit Stop Karting Track in Zouk Mosbeh.

Nicolas Boukather, CEO at A.N. Boukather, highlighted the importance of motorcycles nowadays; he said: “Lebanon needs motorcycles for several reasons, including fuel consumption and parking space. We are trying to teach Lebanese riders how to properly ride with the help of several teachers from England.”

“In Europe and in the civilized world, licenses are given in an organized manner; in Lebanon, unfortunately, they [the licenses] are distributed. We are doing the government’s duty by teaching people how to ride and by giving them certificates. Those who enrolled in this course now realize the dangers of riding a motorcycle.”


The two-day course, which was given in collaboration with the California Superbike School – one of the leading motorcycle riding schools in the world –  was attended by 60 riders. According to ANB Motorcycles Division Manager Yves Khadra, it focuses on the “art of cornering”, which teaches riders how to properly go and brake through corners on a motorcycle.

“I advise everyone to take this course because this will be of great benefit; the rider will learn how motorcycle behaves, how the suspension works, how to enter a corner at high and low speeds. Riders are improving by 80% after taking this course.” added Khadra.

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